How To Publish A Book on

We've created specifically with you, the publisher, in mind. No other site offers you a simpler, more straightforward path on how to publish a book's audio content online.

Why puts you in control:

  • Add or remove titles at any time
  • Directly control pricing, promotions and limited time offers for your content
  • Change decriptions, categories, and product images as needed gives you full sales reporting including:

  • Total sales amounts broken down by individual title
  • Details of every sale for each title, including the invoice number, date, time, and price
  • Gross sales, net earnings, and the unpaid amount owed to you
  • Details of all payments made to you
  • All reports are accurate up to the minute
  • Ambling Books pays you 60% of every sale uses standard MP3 audio format:

  • Paying customers do not suffer from content usage hassles or frustration because of DRM encryption
  • No specific platform or device dependent content restrictions
  • Listeners can continue to enjoy their purchases of your content through software changes and hardware upgrades leverages the power of the Ambling BookPlayer to give your listeners the easiest, most intuitive way to enjoy audiobooks:

  • Audio file management is completely automatic and hidden. All audio file transitions are seamless and invisible. Users don't ever need to even know the names of the audio files.
  • Fully automatic bookmarking for every book, with a revolutionary intelligent bookmark history system which lets users undo or redo any change in their listening position. Users can also view and return to hundreds of previous positions, effortlessly returning exactly to their past points of listening. Users never lose their place.
  • Chapter and title based access and navigation. Users enjoy content using familiar Chapter divisions, not arbitrary file limits
  • The library provides an uncluttered view of your books (hiding all the files), and also tracks the correct sequence of books in each series.
  • Full integration with the Ambling Books web site makes finding good audiobooks simple and easy. The user picks the book and the player automatically downloads it ready for listening.
  • Users can easily listen and control the audio playback using Bluetooth in-car stereo systems and Bluetooth headphones. The user just needs to have the phone in their pocket.

Offer your books at the most listener-friendly website!

Adding Lots of Books

If you have an extensive catalog of audiobook titles can setup your account to import your books using metadata from an ONIX 2.1 feed or from Excel xls or csv files. We will setup to bulk import large numbers of books to your account.

How to Sign Up

Authors and publishers with just a few books can upload their audiobooks by first registering for an account at After you login to your account click on the option titled “My Account” shown on the green navigation bar at the top of the page. Then click on the drop down menu entry “Publish Audiobooks”.

If you need to upload a lot of audio files then contact us at and we can setup an FTP account for you to use for transferring your audio files instead of using the web based upload.

Publishers with a lot of books should contact us at so that we can setup to import books to your account using an ONIX 2.1 feed or spreadsheet metadata files.