Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin

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Patrick Cullen
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From his beginnings as a journalist at age sixteen to his retirement from public affairs at eighty-two, there was no break in Benjamin Franklin’s activity and accomplishments. A writer, inventor, and statesman, he remains unsurpassed in the range of his natural gifts and the important uses to which he put them.

In this Pulitzer Prize-winning biography, Carl Van Doren incorporates materials from Franklin’s letters, manuscripts, journals, and published works to give the most accurate and comprehensive portrait ever written of this great American.

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“A review of Mr. Van Doren’s Benjamin Franklin can be nothing short of a eulogy. The greatest American has found a biographer worthy of him.”—The Nation
“Patrick Cullen’s narration [is] suitably smart, spirited, and gentle….There is inspiration here at every turn, and one is left feeling the tragedy of America is that Franklin didn’t live to be 300—at least. Highly recommended for all collections.” —Library Journal
“The most comprehensive and the most intelligently sympathetic biography of Franklin we have.”—New York Times
“The picture is final, containing all the lights and shadows, all the episodes and the achievements of the most vital personality of his day.”—Atlantic Monthly

About the Author - Carl Van Doren

Carl Van Doren(1885–1950) was a critic and Pulitzer Prize–winning biographer. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois and, in 1911, a doctorate from Columbia University, where he went on to teach for nineteen years.

About the Narrator - Patrick Cullen

Patrick Cullen (a.k.a. John Lescault), a native of Massachusetts, is a graduate of the Catholic University of America. He lives in Washington, DC, where he works in theater.


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April 22, 2009
Blackstone Audio, Inc.
(C) 1938 by Carl Van Doren; 1966 by Anne Van Doren Ross, Margaret Van Doren Bevans, and Barbara Van Doren Klaw
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